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A different range for each occasion

« The Classics, Plan Joyeux, The Specialties, The Orpheus selection, et The Elite Selection » are our five principal collections of wine at Terres de Lavaux.

Timeless varieties

White, red, rosé, sparkling and sweet wine… Terres de Lavaux has a wide range of grape varieties.

Favorites of the moment

Take advantage of our special offer, “favorites of the moment”.  For a limited time only, so be quick.

Time for other wines

Our passion for wine led us to forage around and select other wine from the UNESCO World Heritage Vineyards:   Wine from abroad


A different range of wines for every occasion

The Classics: on the go

These wines bring together all generations.
Easy to drink, they are perfect for an aperitif with friends or for family dinners and parties. 

Plan-Joyeux: instant pleasure

The blend of grape varieties found in this wine refresh the palate owing to their fruity flavours which are preserved by the tank vinification process. 

The Specialities: a unique moment

White and rosé specialities.
These special white and rosé wines are made from varieties other than the Chasselas grape.
Made for connoisseurs who seek flavours with more intensity.
Certain velvety textures are present owing to the wine having been aged in barrels.
To be enjoyed with a meal shared with great friends.

The Orpheus Selection: an event

Gastronomic wines. 
These great red wines are vinified for an additional year in French oak barrels from Allier in France. 
Made from traditional grape varieties including Pinot Noir, Plant-Robert, Gamay and the more recent varieties, Gamaret, Garanoir and Galotta.


The Elite Selection: Captivate the connoisseurs

Great vintages for collectors in search of intense emotions.
3G, an authentic sensory experience.
This wine is made up of Galotta, Gamaret and Garanoir and aged in new barrels.

2F, fine, tiny bubbles and intense aromas of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay.

Other Wines of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Wine from abroad – directly imported wines, with character and expression.

Timeless varieties

White, red, rosé, sparkling and sweet wine….Terres de Lavaux has a wide range of grape varieties. We have established a system that allows you to easily find your desired wine in our collection according to your personal tastes and preference. A simple classification to save time for the consumers in a rush.

White       Red       Rosé       Sparkling Wine       Sweet Wine